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Dr. Destruction Haunts the Jerry Smith Pumpkin Farm!


It had been two years since I’d last visited Kenosha’s Jerry Smith Pumpkin Farm but seemed like a lifetime. This was the site where Wisconsin Horror Host, Dr. Destruction, and I sat down and talked for the very first time. The occasion was shared here on this blog (click HERE if you’re feeling nostalgic) as well as an issue of Scary Monsters Magazine. We sat in back of his hand crafted “Gypsy Wagon” and talked about horror hosting. I believe I left out the part where he and I went out afterwards to a local pizza place and drank too much whiskey and that the last hour of our conversation was slurred, but really what did that have to do with the story anyway? Let’s just say it helped facilitate a rather unusual friendship that still exists today.


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Living it up at the “Hotel Transylvania!”

I was delighted when my daughter, Jade, asked me to take her to see HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA for her 11th birthday. I picked her and her sister up after work and made a quick post on Facebook that I was “taking my girls” to see the film its opening night. When co-running a horror blog, sometimes using your kids as a “beard” is necessary in maintaining your Terror image when partaking in less fearsome, “animated features.”  Despite my cowardice on Social Media, I must confess here that, after viewing the preview for this film a month ago, I had every intention of seeing it with or without them!


Be at the Height of Halloween Fashion with MANI-YAK MONSTERS!

Our blog was scarcely a month old when we had the honor of featuring the work of Jeff Carlson. I knew who he was years before having been a member of the Svengoolie YAHOO group. Jeff had generously shared his talents to the group by showcasing some of his original art featuring the now National Horror Host. I am happy to say that we will be showing some of them in an upcoming post. For now, we’d like to once again point your attention to some of his amazing shirt designs for sale on his RobotMonkeyPirate site! Check them out…


“Zoorassic Park” at The Franklin Park Zoo!

img_5851Terror Daves meet T-Rex!

Last month we featured the animatronic dinosaurs of The Milwaukee County Zoo (see HERE). The very day that piece was published, both Daves got together and checked out yet another Dino-mite exhibit at New England’s Franklin Park Zoo! I know there are several Dinosaur companies out there and that FPZ used the same one as MCZ but they did offer different dinos. Here are some highlights…


“The Complete Bob Wilkins Crearture Features” by November Fire!


There is no question that one of the most enduring and influential Horror Hosts of all time was the late Bob Wilkins from the San Francisco Bay area. Less garish than that of many hosts, Wilkin’s style was about as simple as one could get; Just your average guy wearing glasses and sitting in a chair while smoking his cigar. Yet through his dry wit and demeanor was a charm that was undeniable.


Svengoolie Godzilla Interview! His favorites and why?


Just prior to Svengoolie’s first appearance at G-FEST (Godzilla Festival which we covered HERE), the National Horror Host who was tantamount in cultivating my own love of the Big G, agreed to an interview specifically geared to Japan’s greatest export…


Make an Appointment to see “Dayplanner of the Dead!”


If you attend horror events on a regular basis, sooner or later you’ll run into a t-shirt that reads:  “I’d rather see a bad zombie movie than no zombie movie at all.”  Filmmakers seem more than aware of that mindset, and they flood the market with zombie films that seem designed to be exactly that.  But a group of filmmakers in Michigan are ready to break the mold this October when they begin shooting their new comedy, Dayplanner of the Dead.


A Fan Fix for “Night of the Living Dead’s” Evans City Cemetery Chapel!


While Zombies can trace their cinematic roots as far back as 1929, there is little doubt that the birth of the “modern” Zombie took place in the tumultuous year of 1968. Though I was still a couple years away from being born myself, I can not imagine what must have been going through the average American’s mind during that time. The Viet Nam War was raging, violent protests sparked throughout the nation,  Martin Luther King & Bobby Kennedy were assassinated, Elvis staged a comeback, while The Beatles released their infamous WHITE album. What better time for the dead to return and devour the living?


THE POSSESSION helps channel the Halloween Spirit!

September is always a transformational time for me. Not only because it’s the month of my birth but also because, for me, it represents the true beginning of the Halloween season. You always hear folks talking about the “Christmas Spirit” but rarely such sentiment in regards to All Hallows Eve. Well I’m hear to tell you it’s a very REAL phenomena and one I experience every year around this time.


The Fan Costumes of the 2012 Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis!

Special thanks to John Bonior from “Scares that Care” for sharing these shots from last weekend’s event!


On the set of MONSTER MADHOUSE: Escape of the MONSTERS!

Special thanks to Brian Maze for sharing this exclusive shots from the set of MONSTER MADHOUSE!

Karlos rounded up the usual suspects of Monsterinators to help reel in some monsters whom managed to escape from the bonds of moviedom!


Horror’s Forgotten Rock: The Monsters of Punk!

Special thanks to musician and Kenosha Horror Host, Dr. Destruction, for sharing this piece.

Misfits with Vampira!


JAWS: The Blu-Ray Review by Richard Church

Well, so much for spooking anyone from swimming in the ocean, as fall is effectively upon us. Don’t blame the Daves though, as the tardiness of this review falls entirely on my head. I’ll start out by saying this is the best-looking Blu-ray I have ever seen, and that isn’t because it is also, hands down, my favorite film. In this day and age, I highly doubt this is necessary, but beware of spoilers to come.


“Bad-Off Boris & the Cupcake Cave-in”: Monster Inspired Book with “Universal” Concepts!

With Chicago suffering yet another heat-wave, I guess I failed to realize that the end of summer is finally upon us. It didn’t actually hit me until I left for work one morning and kept getting held up by stopping school buses. Their sudden reappearance reminds me of big yellow whales invading neighborhood waters during a Fall migration. My kids are all back as well which means when I come home each evening I’m sure to see a stack of permission slips and teacher memos along with the usual barrage of ordering sheets courtesy of the various Scholastic Book Clubs.


What Lurks Behind the Mask?


As summer comes to an end and Fall sets in, Halloween becomes the next big event on many calendars. It takes time and effort to choose and prepare the perfect costume for this legendary Fright Night. Whilst some pride themselves on top make-up skills, others will find a mask is the perfect finishing touch to their outfit.

Masks are no costume cop-out, in fact they have been used to disguise and entertain for thousands of years.



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