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Shaun Kangas Review of “Men in Black 3: Back in Time!”

TERROR FROM BEYOND THE DAVES is pleased to welcome Shaun “Genghis” Kangas back to the site as a guest writer! Shaun is a fan of  the MIB films and delighted us by sharing his insights on the hit new film!

Memorial Day Weekend is the official start of summer, and always the blockbuster weekend for “over the top” summer movies. This past Sunday morning I went to see MEN IN BLACK 3: BACK IN TIME. I had planned to see it at my local drive-in theater, but due to severe weather they cancelled the showing, so I went to a traditional theater and saw it in 3D….like how every film is these days, you just can’t escape it.


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Vacation Meltdown: “Chernobyl Diaries!”

Not long ago, I watched an interesting documentary on public television called “Radioactive Wolves” which dealt with Chernobyl – site of the infamous Russian nuclear reactor meltdown that occurred over 25 years ago. Contrary to what you may think, its apparently become something of a paradise, as nature has reclaimed the territory; seeing the return of wolves, bears, bison, and even wild horse. Thanks to the help of a team of eager beavers, much of man’s irrigation has been undone and large portions of the territory have become lush swampland (which they’d been prior to human tampering) once more. Before you start booking your next eco-tourist vacation, however, I should mention that there’s a slight catch…its still radioactive.


Giant Insects Invade Brookfield Zoo!

Last weekend, Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo unveiled its new X-TREME BUGS exhibit, a temporary attraction that will be open through September 7th!


Hollywood, you sunk my “Battleship!”

Last Saturday, after viewing THE AVENGERS for the fourth time, my friend and I were having so much we grabbed a bite to eat and returned to the theater again to check out the latest offering, BATTLESHIP. This movie is in fact based on the popular board game from “back in the day” but with an extra-terrestrial slant.


The Universal “Shock Package” of Films and the Creation of TV Horror Hosts!


Well, gang, this is our final post regarding the Ohio 2012 Horrorhound Weekend before we aim our focus at future events! As mentioned prior to this gathering, David and I were asked by Jason Hignite to participate in this year’s Horror Host Hall of Fame ceremony by doing an induction of our own. Not for a specific host, but for a unique package of films that lead to their proliferation.


“Inside the Half-wit’s Studio”…Rich Koz Svengoolie gives DePaul University Horror Host 101!


It was a beautiful sunny day in Chicago when I arrived at DePaul University to see a Q&A session with national horror host and broadcaster, Rich Koz/Svengoolie! While I’ve seen him at various appearances this would mark the first time I would catch him without his familiar make-up and, rather than greet fans, get to see him discuss his vast career.


What’s growing inside me!? Parasitic Horror/Sci Films to make your skin crawl!

Not long ago, I had a bit of a health scare. It started while I was on vacation in March enjoying the Horrorhound Weekend while also embarking on a zoo tour with the other Dave. I started feeling sore on my left chest and, after investigating, discovered a lump. I started getting scared as breast cancer is not a disease relegated to women (just ask Peter Criss from KISS) but also runs in my family. My mother successfully fought it back in the 90’s and last year my grandfather on my dad’s side was diagnosed as well.


Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows” the Movie Makes me long for the TV Show!


When I was five, I was drawn in by the “Dark Shadows” TV show. Initially it might of been because there was a child on the show (David Collins) who reminded me of Bill Mumy from one of my other favorite programs, “Lost in Space.” Whatever it was that drew me in, I was completely fascinated by Barnabas Collins along with the overall weirdness of the show that would ultimately stay with me my entire life.


Pam Grier: Larger than Life and ALWAYS Foxy!


The theme of the 2012 Horrorhound Weekend was “Women of Horror.” While Pam Grier isn’t necessarily a horror queen, she is the quintessential blaxploitation actress an absolutely grindhouse royalty. If that isn’t enough for purists, her having SCREAM BLACULA, SCREAM on her resume,’ certainly justifies her spot at this event.  Grier was located in her own private signing area in the hotel but fans had no trouble finding her as her line remained constant.


HORROR HOST LOST AND FOUND: Professor Headstone!

As we reported last month, one of the most amazing experiences we had at Ohio’s Horrorhound Weekend was DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW writer, J.D. Feigelson, hand delivering us the identities of TWO previously unknown horror hosts (story HERE).  The first, as covered, was the popular Dr. Ghoulman. The second is being revealed here for the very FIRST time, Professor Headstone!


THE AVENGERS! Fans Assemble at The Box Office!


I debated whether or not talking about THE AVENGERS was appropriate for a horror site but, as the other Dave put it, “It’s our blog and we can write whatever we want.” With that in mind I promise to never do any posts revolving around the Octomom or that new Web sensation, “The Tanning Lady” who looks like she just got booted from a minstrel show. Besides, we always thought of this site as equal opportunity for all facets of geekdom; whether horror, science fiction, fantasy, or comic books. As covered recently regarding my visit to C2E2 (see story HERE) the lines are fairly blurred and most of us are fairly eclectic in terms of our interests anyway. If that still doesn’t convince you, I should also mention that giant armored monsters do appear towards the end of this film which does sort of fall into our “Terror Dave” jurisdiction.


“The Raven”…Real Edgar Allen Poe’s life far more fascinating than this fiction.


I just got back from seeing THE RAVEN and, while there isn’t much to “rave” about, I’ve definitely seen worse. John Cusack plays the legendary Edgar Allen Poe and does a pretty good job portraying the tortured genius whom many horror fans will site as their favorite chapter in literature class. “God gave him a spark of genius drenched in misery,” states his frustrated employer, and this is something that both history and this film firmly establish.



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