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Celebrity encounters, while usually pleasant, are rarely as enjoyable when one meets the legendary Tom Atkins! The 2011 Indianapolis Horrorhound Weekend along with Mask-Fest was the perfect venue for featuring Atkins along with some alumni from one of his films. HALLOWEEN III. The film’s director, Tommy Lee Wallace, Atkins, along with his co-star, Stacey Nelkin were all on hand at this event – sitting side by side.


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Horrorhound Weekend always has a special place in the hearts of we Daves. It was the 2010 convention in Indianapolis and its magnificent Vampira Tribute that inspired us to start this site and feature horror hosts as its cornerstone. By 2011, I would be joined by the “other” Dave, David Albaugh, for optimum coverage. We are both excited to be reuniting again for the upcoming Horrorhound Weekend in Columbus, Ohio and covering even more avenues of horror and, of course, its hosts!


“Underworld Awakening”…Fourth but not Final!


I just returned from seeing UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING at my local theater and, unlike its lead character, my heart is still pumping. After the last movie I saw, THE DEVIL INSIDE (my review HERE), I decided to keep my high hopes in check. While BOTH films managed to do quite well financially on their opening weekends, I attribute that more to us horror fans craving a night at the movies as opposed to a testament of the films themselves. This one, however, does give you your money’s worth.


“Fright Night on Channel 9″ Brought Eastern US Chills!


I have always been nostalgic, especially when it comes to things that made me happy as a child. Whether it was the awesome toys put out by one of the leading toy companies of the time (Mego), awesome Saturday morning cartoons (which also including amazing live action shows by Sid & Marty Krofft) or even the cool ads in comic books (as covered HERE), I will always look back at these things and it will always make me smile. One thing I will never forget is that every Saturday, after the cartoons and professional wrestling were over, it was time for the Creature Double Feature, broadcast on UHF station WLVI Channel 56 out of Boston.


Tribute to Indianapolis Horror Host Sammy Terry!

One of the more emotional and heartfelt moments of the Horror Host Hall of Fame ceremony that took place at Horrorhound Weekend convention in Indianapolis last March came with the induction of one of Indiana’s own. Captain Crypt and Fenriz Fatal were given the honor of inducting one of the country’s most prolific ghouls – Sammy Terry! The two hosts became visibly emotional while delivering their tribute and it was clear that, unlike many of the inductees whose awards were presented by hosts who didn’t have Clue #1 as to who they really were, these two clearly did. There is no doubt that the best folks to tributize any celebrity is the “fans” themselves and we Daves wished that could have been the case for all of them.


A Supernatural ’80s Party with “Witchboard!”


There is no shortage of guilty pleasures so far as 1980’s horror movies are concerned. Whether its one of the multitude of slasher films that helped define the decade or one of those goofy GREMLINS inspired rip-offs (CRITTERS, TROLL, GHOULIES, etc) you had plenty of “fun with fright” movies to choose from.

Today I’m going to call to your attention one of my favorite lesser known 80’s films, WITCHBOARD (1986). As soon as it came out on VHS (after a limited release in a paltry 15 theaters), I rented it from my local (and now all but obsolete) “mom and pop” video store. I didn’t have high hopes but, within the first few minutes of snappy dialogue involving a debate between party-goers regarding the existence of God and ghosts, this 16 year old horror fan was hooked!


Revenge of the Sea Monkeys: “Mail-Order Mysteries!”


Recently, while browsing through, looking for something to use one of my gift cards on, I came across an interesting book called “Mail-Order Mysteries: Real Stuff from Old Comic Book Ads!” by Kirk Demarais. Growing up in the 70’s I was addicted to comics, especially those put out by Marvel, and the colorful ads advertising the coolest stuff ever; a part of my childhood that I will never forget.


Dinosaurs Run Amok in Chicago!

This past weekend I took my 7 year old son, Luke, to the “Discover the Dinosaurs” show at Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illnois. The venue was just across the street from The Crowne Paza Hotel where the quintessential Godzilla festival, G-FEST, takes place each July. Actually, the two have much in common as dinosaur fans and Godzilla enthusiasts are often one in the same. The Big G is, after all, a dinosaur that’s been mutated by atomic power (no, not an iguana, I’m not talking about the Tri-Star version).


SHOCK IT TO ME! San Francisco Bay Horror Hosts get their due!

Last year, we posted a blog featuring the classic horror hosts of Southern California (which you can revisit HERE). California, however, is a large state and has an equally rich history in its northern region. The new book, “Shock it to Me,” written by Michael Monahan a.k.a. Doktor Goulfinger, is a MUST HAVE for any Horror Host fan’s library – highlighting these very hosts!


THE DEVIL INSIDE: 2012’s First Horror Offering!

I just returned from seeing the newest theatrical horror film, THE DEVIL INSIDE, and if this is any indication of what kind of year us horror fans are in for, then I urge everyone to quickly head out to their local liquor store and STOCK UP! The film opened yesterday and while the theater I saw it in wasn’t packed to the gills, it still had a pretty large turn out.


Horror Artist Spotlight: JAMES KAVANAUGH!

“He comes from the bowels of hell a transformed race of walking dead, a zombie guided by a master plan for complete domination of the Earth.”

Jim Kavanaugh was born March of 1978 in Boston MA.  He attended college at the Art Institute of Boston studying in Fine Art Illustration.  Noticing his artistic abilities as early as 7 and taking a pastel class with artist Willimina Cook resulted in his first image of a sad clown.



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