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New Indie film RAGE pays homage to Spielberg’s “Duel!”

Its a mixed blessing when we receive Independent films to review for this site. We are honored that so many talented people out there are willing to share their work with us and allow us the privilege of sharing our insights with readers.  At the same time, not all the movies we receive are necessarily something we are willing to place our fan stamp of approval on. When a big budget studio puts out a “turkey” we feel it is our duty to say so before fans go out and drop nearly $10 at the theater. You certainly don’t have to take our words for it, however, you were warned. Independent films made on a shoestring budget and lacking Hollywood’s publicity machine, will never be skewered here. We give artists who create films as a labor of love and dedication a much wider berth. Consequently, if we don’t care for it (and that is not to say that if “we” don’t like it someone else won’t) we won’t rip it apart – we just will leave it off our blog.


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Once Thanksgiving is over it is never too soon to get into Christmas-mode, especially since Christmas advertising begins before Halloween now! For a limited time you can enjoy the Ghouligan’s Christmas Special for free by going to one of the following links! ENJOY!!!


Revenge of When Animals Attack: Man vs Nature Films!


Almost a year ago we published a blog on nature gone awry films, which you can check out HERE! This piece proved to be so popular that we have decided to make it an annual event! This series focuses on real animals attacking real people for whatever reason (though it’s usually because of something man has done). Because these stories tend to be based in reality, they also can be a lot scarier and more realistic. The best of these films were released pre-CGI which means that in many cases, actual animals were used to convey the threat! This realism certainly adds to the overall enjoyment of these films!




Last year at Thanksgiving we decided to feature a post dedicated to showing our appreciation to those who helped us out in ways that went above and beyond the call of duty (as seen HERE).  This past year has been even more amazing as we saw our young blog break 100,000 hits with over 20,000 last month alone. That’s not too bad for a private blog that scarcely advertises outside of Facebook. It’s been a humbling experience for two guys who, after spending most of our lives standing in the shadows, finally found our own voices. The feedback and growing readership has been incredible and, above all, we thank YOU the readers. There are a LOT of blogs and websites out there and for you to not only take time out of your busy lives to visit, but come back and see us again is appreciated more than mere words can convey. Some of the folks from our last list will be back on this one, but we are really happy to feature the ones we just met this past year and who generously showed their support! So, without further adieu…


The Mothman Revealed: West Virginia Embraces its Extra-Terrestrial Visitors!

From Wikipedia: Mothman is a legendary creature reportedly seen in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia from 15 November 1966 to 15 December 1967. The first newspaper report was published in the Point Pleasant Register dated 16 November 1966, entitled “Couples See Man-Sized Bird…Creature…Something”..

TERROR FROM BEYOND THE DAVES is honored to share the photos of Brian Maze who visited the Mothman Museum located in Point Pleasant, West Virginia…


Brookfield Zoo’s 2011 “Creatures of the Night” Unearthed!


Last month we reported the Halloween activities at the two zoos in which The Daves are volunteer docents; Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo and Rhode Island’s Roger Williams Park (in a story you can revisit HERE)! Both zoo’s served up a fantastic seasonal event that is something ALL local readers should plan on attending next year. Brookfield Zoo gets a special nod from horror fans for delving into the darker side of Halloween and proving (by its huge turn out) that us adult horror fans are a financial force to be reckoned with. “Creatures of the Night” proved a devilishly good time with lots of great activities such as this “Pumpkin Execution” – courtesy of a device created by the zoo’s exhibits department and utilizing materials laying around the zoo. While orange and black are most commonly associated with the holiday’s colors, Brookfield Zoo made it even more spectacular by going “Green.”


DESTROY ALL MONSTERS – Godzilla on Blu-ray and SO worth the wait!


I have been a giant rubber monster fan for as long as I can remember. I have so many fond memories of Saturday and Sunday afternoons watching the latest exploits of Godzilla or Gamera as they fought the newest monster foe bent on destroying the Earth. The one creature feature that always stood out though as the coolest of the Japanese giant monster movies was DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, from 1968. The funny thing is though, that as a kid, I never remembered the plot of the movie; I just remembered the last 15 minutes or so that featured the very best of what Toho had to offer in an over-the-top monster battle.


Freddy Krueger’s “Nightmare Gloves” are a cut above the rest!


One of the highlights of this year’s ROCK & SHOCK convention in Worcester, MA was meeting and getting to know the artist couple Asia and Anders Eriksen. Asia was covered not too long ago with her amazing creations known as WerePups (you can read all about it HERE). Anders, her husband and an amazing artist in his own right, is the creator of NIGHTMARE GLOVES, the VERY BEST Freddy Krueger gloves available on the market today! Being a collector of masks and props it takes a lot to impress me these days and I will say with all honesty that when it comes to these two, impressive is a perfect adjective! Not only are they amazing artists but they are also very friendly and personable and if you get the opportunity to meet them at a convention, please do not hesitate. You will not be disappointed!


Dr. Gangrene’s “Horror Hootenanny” is a Halloween Spectacular!

By Dr. Gangrene…

The 8th annual Dr. Gangrene’s Horror Hootenanny was held Saturday October 8th 2011 at THE MUSE in Nashville, TN. This year’s event was a huge success, and a ton of fun. The Daves asked me to give a report on this year’s event, which I was happy to do!


Terrible Teddy’s! Lee Howard’s “Quiet Room Bears” a Screaming Sensation!


As mentioned in our first ROCK N SHOCK story,  the best items for sale in the dealer’s room this year were custom made. Of all these wonderful creations, none showed the shear genius and warped creativity of QuiET RoOM BeARs! Children afraid of the dark or the monster in their closets will have to seek alternative forms of comfort aside from clutching their Teddy Bears so far as Lee Howard is concerned. The Canadian artist not only came up with his own line of horror Teddy Bears, he’s managed to make each and every one completely unique and individually numbered….


Meeting Svengoolie at Ultra Foods is at the Top of Every Horror Host Fans Shopping List!

332266_10150496304818368_829768367_11218892_858563345_oPhoto courtesy of Jim Roche

I had just seen Svengoolie the night before at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo (see story HERE) but couldn’t pass up another chance to do so the next day at a local grocery store called Ultra Foods. My reasoning was simple; this past month I’d put in a lot of mileage to see the national host at various locations throughout the Chicagoland (and beyond) area. How could I NOT see him when he was appearing ten minutes from where I live? So, despite the fact that my Facebook friends are starting to accuse me of stalking the poor fellow, off I went!


Gary Busey and The Horror Host Connection!


Celebrity encounters at horror fan conventions range from warm and fan-friendly (like George Romero, Robert Englund, & Lance Henriksen) to disconnected/self-absorbed (Linda Blair & Lisa Marie). And then there’s Gary Busey…



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