Are we not “Comic Book Men?”


The day after we visited Baltimore, we toured the Maryland Zoo with some pals before crossing the New Jersey state line. New Jersey is one state that seems to find itself the butt of jokes and get a lot of crap from the rest of the Union but I have to say, it’s really quite beautiful (Snookie not withstanding). I remember the first time I drove through was on Labor Day Weekend 2012 en route to see David. Despite being sick of driving and eager to reach my destination, I pulled over twice to take in the scenery. We’d managed to finish seeing the zoo by noon and found ourselves with extra time on our hands. This provided us with the perfect opportunity to do something else we’d discussed but weren’t sure how to fit in.

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Believe It Or Not, Ripley’s Odditorium Is One Of The Highlights Of Baltimore!

The recent Daves Zoo Tour 2014 had so many great experiences that when one came along that didn’t live up to expectations, it was huge. This was the case with The National Aquarium, which was not only grossly overpriced but was the biggest disappointment of the two-week journey. Thankfully though, the day in Baltimore was not a complete loss. First off, we got to hang with one of our friends Brian Maze, who provides much of the artwork on our monthly Horror Host Report. Second, we discovered quite by accident, a really fun place that ended up being a huge highlight of the trip. I am talking about the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium.


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Visiting the Grave(s) of Edgar Allen Poe!


Prior to our Terror Daves road trip, I’d made arrangements for our mutual friend, Brian Maze, to meet us in Baltimore. Brian is no stranger to this site having created the bulk of the Horror Host “pogs” used in our report, not to mention our own images in the Terror Dave logo. Lately Brian has stepped away from graphic design in favor of devoting more energy to his photography…and considering the models he’s been bringing in, one can hardly blame him. I was fortunate to accompany him on one of his shoots (covered HERE) and his skills are matched only by his flawless planning with the results nothing short of  fantastic.

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Terror Daves on the Road: The Kecksburg UFO

IMG_3612 (640x427)

Going on vacation is fun but, when you’re spending it with someone of “like mind” it’s even better. The Last time we Terror Daves communed was in the fall of 2012 and, in lieu of that lapse, we decided to get together for a two week spring vacation. Two weeks in close proximity to anyone can go one of either two ways…you bond or you get ready to kill each other (for the record, we ended up doing a little of BOTH)!

Fortunately we have a lot in common and I took great care these past 6 months plotting a road trip packed with activities tailor made for our interests. So, in other words, even if we did start getting on each other’s nerves, there’d be plenty of distractions!

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MONSTER ISLAND TOYS – A Great Place To Visit!


One of the highlights of the Daves Zoo Tour 2014 has been the little side trips we have been doing, exploring other interests outside of the animal kingdom. On my second day in the Chicago area we visited a store that is a dream come true, as it caters to Godzilla fans. The name of the store is Monster Island Toys and though it is kind of unassuming from the outside, the inside is chock full of eye candy for Godzilla fans and toy lovers!

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