G-FEST XXI’s Dealer’s Room

IMG_9685 (640x597)

After Luke and I checked out the Godzilla models and art room of G-FEST XXI, it was time to hurry downstairs for the video game tournament. My kids have been lucky to grow up with awesome video games (such as “Godzilla: Save the Earth,” “Godzilla Unleashed,” and “Destroy all Monsters”) where they can choose any monster from the TOHO library and duke it out in an environment of their choice (Monster Island, Seattle, Tokyo, etc).

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G-FEST XXI’s Monster Models!

IMG_9496 (640x527)

Day two of G-FEST XXI began with me snoozing soundly in the comfy hotel bed before getting the distinct impression I was being stared at. I cracked open an eyeball to see my ten year old son, Luke, looking at me intently. “Shouldn’t we be getting downstairs to the convention?” he asked. I checked my phone and it was 5:30am. “Um…go back to sleep!” But at that point it was too late…we were up. Thank God the room had a coffee machine.

We ate breakfast which I’d packed along and then I got ready (Luke was already dressed of course) and, by 9am, I’m pretty sure he’d asked me “is it time to go down yet?” somewhere in the double digits. Patience is definitely not his strong suit. Finally we headed downstairs so we could get him signed up for the Godzilla video game tournament before the big competition began later that morning. This gave me time to check out the Art room (which you saw in the last post) and then, my favorite G-FEST feature of them all, the model room!

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G-FEST XXI’s Artists feature Godzilla-sized Talent!

IMG_9375 (640x265)

Here are some of the great works of art featured at this year’s G-FEST!

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Thank God(zilla) for G-FEST!


My ten year old son, Luke, and I arrived today for G-FEST XXI . In the ten years I’ve attended the Godzilla Festival, I’d never seen the registration line so long on a Friday. Last year I attended over ten conventions, most outside of my sweet home Chicago with poor G-FEST getting a quick stop-over on its final day. This year would be the opposite as I vowed to avoid virtually every other event and focus solely on one of my favorites.

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Celebrating Godzilla at G-FEST!

IMG_3081Matt Harris’ amazing work debute at G-FEST XIX

Long before I became a “Terror Dave” or even knew what a “blog” was, there was only one fan event I attended regularly. It was exactly ten years ago that I experienced my first G-FEST (Godzilla Festival) and it would not only become something I’d look forward to every year after but one my kids would anticipate even more than Christmas itself.

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2014 C2E2 Cosplay: Creative, Cool, and downright CRAZY!


And now a pictorial of some of 2014 C2E2′s cosplay….

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